Am very sorry to hear this in so many ways. Am going thru similar thing.

High end furniture dealer delivered damaged furniture very late, repeatedly ignoring my repeated emails about our agreed upon "ship as available" arrangement. Was informed "when we decide how to make you happy, we'll let you know!" Really? Most high end makers want to do any needed repairs themselves or make sure certified/qualified person does them. They want you to work with your dealer.

But if dealer is not working with you, what can you do?

The furniture was stored under who knows what conditions for months at a time & arrived all banged up. And months past when manufacturer released it & was promised for an office, which was unusable b/c they not only didn't keep promises, but didn't pay any attention to repeated emails.

It would also seem they paid no attention to the CC on every email from the first one over a year ago,which is one of people who's sharing the useless office: a litigation attorney who personally has had training & experience in antique & fine furniture restoration. Oops!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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