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I have had two sofas and two loveseats since 2010 and all pieces have held up well. H&M as all other manufacturers cannot warranty against wear of skins/leather or fabric.

Knowing my situation I made certain to select a H&M protected leather, Aspen Saddle, and I followed the Maintenance protocol of wiping it down with a well wrung out cloth in wamr water with just a drop of Dawn dish detergent. I do this perhaps 3 times a year or after a party when adults may have spilled food or drink. It is a small precaution and has kept my leather looking beautiful. I had had a Century leather chair and ottoman years ago and the retailer sold me guardsman products to use on it.

Absolutely ate the leather and ruined the chair. the Salesperson at The Keeping Room in Virginia is extremly knowledgeable and told me how to care for the H&M/

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Sonoma, California, United States #1336216

Hi Could you please respond asap. I was going to purchase a Hancock & Moore couch using the Aspen Saddle leather.

(I have asked them to hold the order at the moment). I too originally purchased a few years back bar stools from the Keeping Room in Virginia. I believe the owner Duane Collie was his name and the product was wonderful as was the service. Amazing place to do business!

But due to distance I decided to stick with a closer business. My question. Are you happy with the Aspen Saddle (I am considering for couch & chair) leather? The barstools were of different leather and not "protected".

I must say have held up well though. I appreciate your response in advance.


to Anonymous #1382662

Oh Dear I apologize for never seeing this question.

Now my leather sofa and love seat are 6 years old and still in excellent condition.

I order from the Keeping room no matter where I live. California, Wisconsin, Texas. No one can beat his prices even when you add in the shipping.

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